Sorry for missing that - I'll take a look.

Is there anything else we can do to help explain issues you can contribute to, 
or are there specific things you'd like to work on not on our list that you 
need some guidance for?

- Brett

On 19/04/2012, at 10:20 PM, Adrián Boimvaser wrote:

> Hi Lars!
> I've been looking forward to 1.5 being released for some time now, so I can
> stop using a snapshot in my project.
> I submitted a patch for  #NPANDAY-523 some weeks ago.
> I'd love to make more contributions, but I'm afraid I don't quite
> understand what those issues are about.
> Best regards!
> Adrián
> 2012/4/19 Lars Corneliussen <>
>> Hi guys,
>> I have now "arrived" at my new job with Faktum Software GmbH. I'm co-owner
>> and still an active developer :-)
>> Now after two month of prototyping for a new project we go ahead for real
>> and want to integrate NPanday.
>> 1.5.0 is almost done; some open issues (partially assigned to me; ouch!)
>> In Progress
>> (LARS!) [#NPANDAY-527] Remove the NAR packaging and maven-webapp-plugin -
>> Not Started
>> (John??) [#NPANDAY-525] Make sure UnifiedShellCommandExecutor works with
>> BourneShell
>> (Brett??) [#NPANDAY-546] Azure plugin doesn't add the correct entry point
>> to web roles
>> (Brett??) [#NPANDAY-523] have WIX plugin use the new execution framework
>> (Lars!) [#NPANDAY-203] MSBuild should be called from Java / remove
>> .NET-MSBuild-Plugin
>> Really necessary?
>> [#NPANDAY-457] Nothing happens when you click on browse button in dialog
>> "Change Maven settings.xml" if M2_HOME doesn't exist [
>> [#NPANDAY-299] Visual Studio Addin should have a feature to set the
>> version of NPanday to use in the POM [
>> [#NPANDAY-485] Upgrade to newer NUnit version and deploy it somewhere [
>> Would love some comments.
>> _
>> Lars

Brett Porter

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