Yeah Derek is quite nice in person. This 'net thing
is a veil that he can hide behind...

Derek, u r the best!

<Moderator: Actually it's not a veil I hide behind because I am pretty much a public person. But thanks I appreciate the good words -Derek>

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Guys can we all stop bashing Derek. He's a funny guy - and sometimes
that may possibly hurt someone's feelings. It happens. You know it isn't
done to be mean and you move on. He's been providing a service to us for
years - connecting all of us, updating us when he gets some info, and
giving us a place to meet up and all share in the purple psychosis we
all have. I consider Derek a friend - he's a good guy. He doesn't have
to moderate the list, it is a lot of work and he does it because he
likes prince and it is nice to connect nyers that all have the same
interest. The get-togethers were fun and I look forward to more when he
starts touring. I've met some really great people through this list and
I don't think there would be one without Derek. So cut the guy some
slack, appreciate his humor, and be happy he does this for us.


<Moderator: Thanks Andy, I really appreciate the kind words :-D -Derek>

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