Yep I choose to be here at this moment in time. No one is forcing me to. I
actually like reading some of the emails posted by some of the other people
that post. Still doesn't mean if I disagree on something that I can't speak
up on it. If I ever feel that way or I've reached my limit then I will leave
as you've said others have in the past.

You say the list is an extension of you but what I've seen you do on the
list and you in person are at times two different people.


<Moderator: I am same person on and off the list. I am just alot nice in 
erson cause I am afraid you going to hit me :-D  -Derek>

On 5/11/06, Revelationsunshine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm not saying I want you to kiss Prince's butt either. Everyone has fault
> but doesn't mean they should be excused for what they do. The point I
> wanted
> to make to Andrew is that it should be a 2 way street on here. Just like
> you
> say what you want say to people people should be able to response to that.
> Sometimes I think people don't respond back because they don't wanna have
> you on them or they're afraid you'll stop the list.
> T
> <Moderator: That is just plain silly. I will stop list when I ready. Not
> because someone doesn't like what I am saying and verbalized it. I rather
> you speak your mind then be quiet here and in my personal life.
> Something that confuses me is that your here because you want to be here
> people that don't like how I do things have moved on and  unsubsribed.
> NPNY Mailing List is an extention of me. I couldn't imagine doing this any
> other way.
> This is not a place of worship. Think of me as the Howard Stern of the
> Prince community and you can easily put this whole thing into prespective.
> -Derek>
> On 5/11/06, Revelationsunshine < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Andrew no one said they weren't thankful for the list but that doesn't
>> mean
>> that he is  without fault either.
>> T
>> <Moderator: Oh yeah I full of faults which adds to personality of this
>> list. I could always be like Cybie and spit out robotic Prince rethoric
>> all day.  -Derek>
>> On 5/11/06, Andrew Stanger < [EMAIL PROTECTED] > wrote:
>>> Guys can we all stop bashing Derek. He's a funny guy - and sometimes
>>> that may possibly hurt someone's feelings. It happens. You know it
> isn't
>>> done to be mean and you move on. He's been providing a service to us
> for
>>> years - connecting all of us, updating us when he gets some info, and
>>> giving us a place to meet up and all share in the purple psychosis we
>>> all have. I consider Derek a friend - he's a good guy. He doesn't have
>>> to moderate the list, it is a lot of work and he does it because he
>>> likes prince and it is nice to connect nyers that all have the same
>>> interest. The get-togethers were fun and I look forward to more when he
>>> starts touring. I've met some really great people through this list and
>>> I don't think there would be one without Derek. So cut the guy some
>>> slack, appreciate his humor, and be happy he does this for us.
>>> Andy
>>> <Moderator: Thanks Andy, I really appreciate the kind words :-D -Derek>

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