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> Also When using the File.Find command how to I code it so that for the 
> specific line in the file .eg. 1,C0AAA006,"AAA MOBILE 
> STORAGE(ON)",,,,,,,,,,,,0001,,,,,, 
> I only want it to search the data in the second comma, in the examples case 
> above it would be "C0AAA006" and not have to read the entire line, i only 
> want it to search that specific spot for each line in the file
> you guys have been a big help thus far so I really appreciate the help.

I'm not sure that this is possible with the file command, unless you can mark 
that spot in the file with a special character. It will search for a sequence 
of characters, wherever it is in the file, because it's a generic file library 
that doesn't understand your file format.

On the other hand, queries like that can be done fairly easily once you've 
finished converting to sqlite.

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