Getting deep now!
Funnily enough, the hurdy gurdy list is also knee-deep in discussions as
well. There it's "dots Vs ear" method of playing.
Amazing the passions these things bring out in us.
I'm sad to hear that JA isn't regarded as a traditional player as I am
obviously in the wrong camp being far more interested in his style of
playing that the "let's see how many notes I can get into this" one.
Fortunately, not being from the North East I'm not going to end up in a
pillory somewhere.
Fog on the Tyne is what goes for traditional Geordie over here!
Colin Hill

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> I agree with Matt that is a very interesting discussion.  However, I
> think that those of you who live at the centre of the NSP world can
> how difficult it is for those of us, who live many thousands of miles
away, to
> know what the true Northumbrian tradition  is.   To us there are tunes
> sound great on the pipes and others  that either don't lie easily on the
> instrument, or which don't, to our ears,  seem to show the pipes to what
we feel is
> their best.  Although I was  born in Northumberland, I did not hear the
> until my first visit to North  Hero in 1987.    This is why I begged that
> of the  people who are imbued with the tradition, and know which are, and
> which are  not, the truly traditional tunes, would make a list of 20 - 30
> traditional  tunes to enlighten us.   I am very sorry that no one has  yet
taken the
> trouble to do so and I think there are many, like myself, who  would be
> grateful.    We do have almost all of the CDs/  cassettes/ old 331/3
records etc
> that have been made, but how are we supposed to  know, among all of the
good (and
> some indifferent) playing what is 100%  traditional !    I gather that
> Armstrong isn't, so what  is?
> This is a sincere request.  Pleasewill someone respond.
>  Sheila
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