But Chris, we're not talking about styles at all. We're talking about something more simple than that, just learning to control the instrument. Or do you consider playing well a different style of playing than playing sloppily? Whether you play the traditional tunes or rock and roll is something that can get people rather worked up, but that's not what the discussion is. I sometimes think of this in terms of language. Different languages require you to make different sounds. If you don't learn to make the sounds first, you can't make the words, and if you can't make the words, you can't make the phrases, etc.


On Apr 14, 2009, at 5:05 AM, christopher.bi...@ec.europa.eu wrote:

Do you think math teachers are unfair for calling answers

I'm sorry, but this is frankly silly. Proving things write or rongue is what maths is about.

Something may be "wrong" when playing a given style music (like playing jazz as if it was classical and vice versa) but describing a style as "wrong in itself" can only be regarded as narrow-mindedness - can't it?

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