Hi Francis,
I bow to your superior knowledge. I was told by someone that it was "unreconstructed baroque" since it has the flatter angle on the neck, with the cut away finger board to accomodate the belly curve. I understand that many fiddles of that era were "improved" by having the neck angle changed. Since I am a bit picky over correct definitions of vintage and veteran cars and the like, i am quite willing to accept that baroque is not the correct term for a fiddle of this age or construction. Any other info gratefully received.
Has anyone else heard of a fiddle maker named Coulson from Stamfordham

However, what about the rest of my questions?

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This is interesting to me as I have an unreconstructed baroque violin from about 1820

Sorry Tim, but it ain't baroque . .

Trouble is, if I tune down the baroque, which i prefer to play, I'll play the pipes less

Well, if it ain't baroque, don't fix it!


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