Sound isn't a problem for me as (somehow) I have ABCNavigator set to play using something like a reedy violin ( I think it's set for harmonica) but I'm a little stuck on the tempo for this one (not that good reading the dots) and, when played, it raced away at a speed which I had no hope of matching on anything! Certainly not on the pipes or gurdy without losing a finger or two. I'm possibly used to seeing a Q value (?) in the header of abc to set the tempo.
It opened at 100 but, at 30, it sounds a rather nice tune.
Any suggestions as to the tempo (another well known tune that's at the same tempo would do as I really don't know that much about abc either) :-)

Colin Hill

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  To John Julia & Matt and all
  This has been a wonderful interchange and highly enjoyable save in one
  respect. The horrible midi noise made as my computer plays the
  examples. I can't be the only one who would love to hear the points
  made on the instrument(s) the tune(s) was/were developed for.
  A recording via an inexpensive mic directly into the computer would be
  a vast improvement on the tinny piano I've been listening to. Could
  there be a vault where examples are stored not just for people on this
  list but other pipers too?
  I realise some immediacy would be lost but it would be a wonderful
  resource once the discussion was over.
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  On 5 Nov 2010, Gibbons, John wrote:
  >Crawhall's tags... are harmonically as well as melodically
  > different from Reavely,
  Exactly - which is why I think there's two possible sets there.
  > the illegibilities in Crawhall seem
  > to be mostly his fault...
  Was he noting this down in haste, I wonder? There are similarities in
  parts of the
  Clough MSS, where the writing is obviously that of Tom (3), but not the
  and legible stuff of the "best" collection...
  > I will happily contribute to the medal fund for a sight of Reavely!
  Copy, I think, is what we need (OK, so it's a wish list). It's easy to
  look at an
  MS and make an index, but with an anxious owner hovering one cannot
  spend enough
  time to even abc much.
  > Matt's strains ... definitely don't require an open-ended chanter.
  OK, thanks for that. Thanks to a damaged right elbow, I'm not very
  fluent on
  anything at present.
  > some work before I get home....
  Working out how to rake in all those tuition fees??  <grin>
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