By the same argument they have also been relegated four times in eight

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>  I had thought about Forest coming up and there may be some sentimental
> appeal for some players but probably not a direct competitor for players
> (they like to play attractive football so they will be looking at different
> player to us anyway).
> I still think Sandwell Town have more appeal than we give them credit for.
> If I was a upcoming European based player who was looking to make an
> entrance into the Premier League, I would put Sandwell above Wolves purely
> on the basis that they have appeared in the Premier League more often than
> Wolves in recent times.  Perception often plays a greater role than reality,
> and the fact they have been in the top flight 4 times in the past 8 years
> means that they are more likely to be know by players & agents than Wolves.
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> Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

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