Thanks Marcus,


It is getting a little heated on here. Got to admire Steve for sticking to
his guns!


We all want the best for the Wolves it's just that some of us are less
patient or do not see things the way others do.


Personally, I have seen nothing in the last 5 matches that gives me
confidence that MM will turn this bad form around. However, it will be
typical Wolves if they come out on Saturday and trounce Swansea 5 - 0!






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Seems NSWolves isn't the only forum having heated debates about the best way
to solve our current poor form.  Thought this post below was quite sensible
as a riposte to those who think asking for changes is just being fickle:

Five defeats in a row, surviving with just three minutes left of last
season, baffling team selections, a refusal to drop poor players, one
addition to a squad that almost fell back into the Championship. under the
circumstances, I hardly think fans calling for a change are fickle. 

Norwich, Swansea, QPR and Albion look far more accomplished at this level,
despite having less time to acclimatise to Premier League football. In three
seasons, we haven't progressed. If anything, we're going backwards as we've
lost all ability to defend or score (at least we were hard to beat during
our first season back in the top flight)

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Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

Marcus thinks Mick is a superb manager

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