Well the Monday deadline came and went and Roy was supposed to be signed and 
sealed !!!! And that was first hand from hennessy s milkman ! 

I'm over it all now too fellows ! It's a ploy from moxey to grind us all Down 
and be thankful for what we receive.

Up theWolves 

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On 21/02/2012, at 10:22 AM, "Morris, Lee SGT" <lee.mor...@defence.gov.au> wrote:

> Starting to get a little disheartened with the search for a new manager now.
> So much for good planning......
> A new name mentioned every five minutes...we really haven't got a clue...
> Poyet, McDermott, Holloway, Clarke, Keane, Hughton, Bruce.....not exactly 
> inspiring...think i'd take McDermott.
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> Boo! Curbishley out!

Boo! Curbishley out!

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