The fat lady has belted out her final tune, the grim reaper has yielded his 
mighty scythe and there's a big fat R next to our name where once there was a 
20, writes Wolves blogger Tim Spiers.
We knew the inevitable was coming, which did soften the blow somewhat, but fact 
we're not a Premier League club anymore hurts. A lot.
Still, when you think about it, there are a few positives to come out of being 
in the Championship next season. Like these 10.
1.  We might win a game and/or keep a clean sheet. Wi-nn-ing you say? What's 
that then? Some new fandangled concept from David Cameron's crazy ideas machine 
to make us all forget the recession, the death of the NHS and Michael Gove's 
face? Oh no sorry, I remember - winning. Yes we might actually win a football 
match, what a notion that is. Or keep a clean sheet more regularly than once 
every eight months. If we're lucky our first home win of 2012 will be in 
August. Let's face it, after winning 27 matches in our promotion season, and 
just 25 since then, it'll be nice not to be in a relegation battle. Presumably.
2. The leg room at Molineux will be plentiful. With just 12.000 season tickets 
in a 30,000 stadium, there'll be room to spare. If you don't like the annoying 
bloke sitting near you, just pick another seat. Oh and the shiny new North Bank 
will look lovely. Well, if they can sort out the wonky 'S' on 'Wolves' which 
looks like it's been drawn by Amy Childs after three bottles of Lambrini, that 
3.  Referees will be biased towards us, not against. Steve Finnan's handball 
for Portsmouth, red cards for Karl Henry (against Arsenal), Nenad Milijas 
(against Arsenal) and Sebastien Bassong (against Arsenal), Tim Howard, Jonathan 
Woodgate and Frank Lampard not being sent off, the trial by media after Karl 
Henry versus Joey Barton, etc, etc. Anyone remember so many injustices in the 
20 years or so in the Championship preceding that? Exactly.
4. Far fewer diving cheats. Probably the worst thing about the Premier League. 
To be fair to the refs, their life is made ten times more difficult by the 
diving, histrionics and constant ear-bashing, mostly from the foreign element 
of the Premier League. And Ashley Young.
5.  Don't have to put up with the ignominy of being last on Match of the Day. 
Think of all the hours we've wasted sitting through an hour of Match of the 
Day, waiting for our 10-minute snippet at the end. You're talking, what, 30 
hours a season maybe, which works out at nearly four of your human days over 
three years. Use next season's extra time wisely, perhaps by taking up a new 
hobby, or maybe by solving the riddle of what on earth Richard Stearman is 
keeping under that bandage on his arm.
6. We'll have a new manager. Yes that'll be nice won't it? And also...
7.  It won't be Terry Connor. I couldn't feel sorrier for him if he was a 
two-month-old Labrador puppy with three legs and a woof impediment. But he's 
just not manager material, is he? Plus I don't think I can bear to watch 
another of his heart-wrenching post-match interviews, with his lips pursed so 
tightly together they look like they're about become stuck, like Keanu Reeves 
in The Matrix. And for goodness sake don't let Geoff Shreeves anywhere near him 
after the Wigan game. "Terry I can confirm Wolves have finished bottom and 
you've got the worst managerial record in Premier League history. And a bird 
has just defecated on your head, I can confirm that too Terry. After 13 years 
you're probably going to get the sack too, aren't you? And your reputation's in 
tatters. How do you feel about that? Terry?"
8.  Saturday 3pm kick-off times. And a few on Tuesday nights as well. Forget 
this Sunday 2pm and Saturday 12.05pm malarkey.
9. We can all hide under a rock for a season. After the most humiliating few 
months at Wolves in living memory, I'd rather everyone just stop talking about 
us now. The whole world and his wife knows how bad we are. Next season, just 
tell your sofa-bound Man United-supporting mates that we're coasting the 
Championship, no matter where we actually are in the league. He'll be too busy 
eating prawn sandwiches and pretending he knows who Denis Law is to bother 
checking the table.
10.  Stearman's comical mishaps won't be as costly. Ah Stearman. God loves a 
trier, and Richard Stearman is exactly that - very trying. Sadly my suggestion 
to the club that they should play the Laurel and Hardly music over the public 
address system whenever he touches the ball hasn't been taken on board. But 
it'll be okay next season because his many hilarious errors won't be punished 
as regularly. So we can just all have a big laugh when he falls flat on his 
face while trying to play a five-yard pass. Altogether now, do do do do do do 

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