I promised link to creators for ConTeXt ;)
(and http://www.im.ps.pl/context/ for polish users)

But - please note - there is early pre-beta version ;)
I will work to increase functionality and performance of this. It
works in IE6 (tested) and Gecko engine browsers (but there are some
errors in display).

Tables: left mouse button - select, right menu.
Flowcharts: left button - inside object - choice type and changing text,
'o' is a connect point... There will be more helps at the site (in the
future) :)
For now, just try by clicking ;)

If anybody has some advices or wishes please contact - I hope I will
implement much more than now.

PS. I think I will re-implement whole code (now it is awful ;) ) - if
somebody want translate to other languages please contact - it will be
possible ;)

Best greetings,

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