cont-en.efmt is a format file that ConTeXt need to run. In order for this file to be built, run

texexec --make en de nl

This will create English, Dutch, and German formats (see minstall.pdf, p. 6-8). Depending on where and how you installed, you'll need to run it as root.

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On Jun 21, 2004, at 10:28 AM, Matt Gushee wrote:

Hello, all--

I have just installed the latest (stable release of) ConTeXt on a "new"
machine [details below], but texexec is not working properly. I keep
getting the following error:

  sh: cont-en: command not found

I have Googled for information on this problem, but the solution I found
doesn't make sense to me. In response to a previous inquiry on this
list, someone wrote:

but the absence of cont-en that is the
problem. Or if cont-en exists, it is not in your path or not

But what exactly is this 'cont-en'? I have two machines with working
ConTeXt systems, and neither of them has a command with exactly that
name. So I imagine the reference is to a file named
'cont-en.<extension>'. But there is more than one such file, and none of
them seems to be a type of file that would normally be made executable
(nor are they executable on the machines where I have ConTeXt working).
Any thoughts as to what's wrong?

Oh, yes, my system is:

  Debian GNU/Linux 3.0
  teTeX 1.0.2
    * Note that teTeX comes with an old and not-properly-configured
      version of ConTeXt. I unzipped the new package over that ...
      could something left over from the old ConTeXt be causing the

Thanks for any info.

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