Patrick Gundlach wrote:

<>here is my solution:

in texexec.ini change

set TeXFormatFlag to &

set TeXFormatFlag to


and run texexec like:

texexec --tex=pdfetex file.tex

this is because texexec checks

if ( $TeXFormatFlag eq "" ) {
if ($TeXProgram =~ /(etex|pdfetex)/) {
$TeXFormatFlag = "-efmt=" ; # >=2004 -fmt=
} elsif ($TeXProgram =~ /(eomega)/) {
$TeXFormatFlag = "-eoft=" ; # >=2004 obsolete
} elsif ($TeXProgram =~ /(aleph)/) {
$TeXFormatFlag = "-fmt=" ;
} else {
$TeXFormatFlag = "-fmt=" ;

indeed, the texexec.rme file is changed accordingly; i needed that change because & is giving to much problems in nested calls; also, next year there will be changes again because from now on web2c formats will be fmt, like


instead of


(currently both -efmt and -fmt are handled by the latest pdfetex) ; i didn't check miktex yet

<>and $TeXProgram is not set to $TeXExecutable (why the two different vars?)

dunno, must have a look


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