Monday, July 26, 2004 Thomas A.Schmitz wrote:

> Well, this is pretty old news, so I'm not sure if a reply is still
> called for; whatever, here comes: I'm not quite sure why Giuseppe is
> trying to use eomega instead of plain ole pdftex. I mean, you're not
> writing Greek in Unicode, right? If you're still interested, drop me a
> line, I have a home-cooked Greek package for ConTeXt which works very
> well on my box (which is teTeX on Mac OS X); I could send you the
> files. And the iota subscript is usuall done with an | after the vowel,
> as in a|. The combination =A (alpha with circumflex) does not occur in
> classical Greek without a breathing, but <r and <A definitely ought to
> work.

I think it would be worth it to make your package public.
Consider submitting it to CTAN. We should try and populate the
context repository there :) (Tobias, I've read your email, I'm
just catching up with the mail ...)

The reason why I wanted an Omega/Aleph solution was that I am
working on Aleph (the program) and I need to know if there are
bugs and where :)

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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