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> As a general principle, it makes no sense for pdftex to 
> provide image manipulation capabilities.  Such capabilities 
> are useful to a much wider 
> audience than the users of pdftex, so there are lots of tools 
> to do image resampling and format conversions.  All that 
> pdftex should do is support inclusion of pdf.  The limited 
> support for including png images is a convenience, but if you 
> are being careful you would want to make pdf images.
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Having checked the pdfTeX documentation, doesn't the internal parameter
\pdfcompresslevel deal with this? The documentation says:

"compress level This integer parameter specifies the level of text and
in-line graphics compression. pdfTEX uses zip compression as provided by
zlib. A value of 0 means no compression, 1 means fastest, 9 means best,
2..8 means something in between. Just set this value to 9, unless there
is a good reason to do otherwise - 0 is great for testing macros that
use \pdfliteral."

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Mats Broberg

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