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Am 10.08.2004 um 19:30 schrieb Brooks Moses:
In the document I'm working on, I'd like to put some typed code bits in frames, to get an appearance sort of like the code excerpts on the ConTeXtWiki. However, I've found myself needing to do a couple of rather ugly hacks to get that to work right, and I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to avoid that.

Did you try something like:

\setupbackground[background=screen, frame=on, color=blue]
\setuptyping[before=\startbackground, after=\stopbackground]

bla bla

I hadn't, but I have now. (I assume the color=blue was meant to be framecolor=blue?) That does seem to work well and avoid most of the problems; thanks!

It still doesn't give me a \parskip before the typed text, though -- try putting a \setupspacing[big] with the above code to see what I mean. (That's an easy fix, though; a \vskip\parskip in the before= command fixes it.) That seems like a bug somewhere, though -- if I comment out the \setuptyping command, the spacing is fine.

- Brooks

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