Paul Tremblay wrote:
Thanks Adam for the suggestions on the wiki page.

You point out that I can use \definelayout for odd and even pages.
I assume I can use this command in place of \setuplayout?

I had a problem using \definelayout. I found that I had to use a
\setuplayout before my text, or the first page would not get formatted.
Is the ConTeXt code right below?

Also, is there any way to change the layout for the first page?

\definelayout[first] [....


\definetext[partStart1][header][\vbox{Chapter 1 \vskip5pt Author}]

for consistency i'd go for

  [\vbox{\strut Chapter 1 \vskip.25\bodyfontsize Author}]

scales nicer with changes in font and other specs


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