piskala upendran wrote:
I had recently updated miktex including the context.
After update the context fails to work. The kpsewhich
was old as suggested by Mr.Hans Hagen and replaced it
with new one provided by him. but still not working.

I am attaching error file as generated by DOS.

I am using miktex + win Edt in winXP.

does other miktex updaters also have same error. IF
not why in my update. I have already updated context
twice from the internet as of 17 jun 05 update.
can any one point point out what is wrong?

can you try

  texmfstart newtexexec --make --all

and see if that works better? i want to make newtexexec working ok with miktex without needs for config files and such

(willy, do you have miktex on your machine so that we can have a look at it this weekend?)


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