On 2022-04-27 3:59 p.m., Eduardo Bohoyo wrote:
When I uncomment grid=yes in my \setuplayout, lwc makes its real appearance on the scene.
So it looks like lwc was broken with grid snapping. This surprised me --
I originally wrote lwc *specifically* to use with grid snapping -- but it
looks like I quickly forgot about that goal and never actually tested it
with grids.

I suppose that in other documents than mine, i.e. less complex, this performance would be a success. But in my file it is, considering my current aesthetic requirements, a failure. This is because for me grid=yes is a non-negotiable part of my code.

I _think_ that I've fixed it now. Can you try the beta version at


please? Hopefully this solves the issue.
Do you want the new pdf with lwc actually acting on my file? Then you can get a better idea of what I mean by the end of some pages when I comment grid=yes (apart from the mischief that happens with the horizontal spaces in some paragraphs of the bibliographic section).

Or, if you prefer, and you need more feedback, I can send you my current code to use it as a test bench for " daring " texts.

I was able to reproduce the issue just by adding


to my "standard" test files, so I shouldn't need anything else, provided
that the above beta actually fixes anything. If there are still lingering
issues, then having the TeX source would likely simplify things on my end.

-- Max
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