Now, I don't have any widows in my document, and I only count 2 broken hyphens.

However, I think this is at the expense of the shenanigans the module has "perpetrated" elsewhere, because, apart from the crazy horizontal spacing of some paragraph in the bibliography, the module lies to me in the log.

Yes, the log output fools me. There is no "Widow/Orphan NOT removed". But this is not true:

To the 2 broken hyphens must be added 4 orphan lines that the log claims to have resolved. But what worries me the most is that it counts as successful one occasion with an empty line, another occasion with two empty lines in a row, and 4 occasions with no less than 7 empty lines in a row at the beginning of a chapter.

I don't know if this information can provide any more clues to adjust the module for the grid mode, but I hope it helps.



El 29/4/22 a las 2:38, Max Chernoff escribió:
On 2022-04-28 3:30 a.m., Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
I’m afraid the above release introduced a bug; while the offical release ran through, I now get:

module          > lua-widow-control > Widow/orphan detected. Attempting to remove.
lua error       > lua error on line 112 in file de/c_intro.tex:

callback error: ...local/tex/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.lua:510: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (field 'height')
stack traceback:
     ...local/tex/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.lua:510: in function <...local/tex/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.lua:360>

On 2022-04-28 4:54 a.m., Eduardo Bohoyo wrote:
Here testing that beta version.

As you know, my book is in grid mode, but I get the same error message as Hraban when the compilation crashes.

However, when I comment grid again in my document, it does compile the pdf.

Well that's why it was a beta :) Looks like I made some questionable assumptions about the order of the hlist/baselineskip nodes, so the module completely broke
with things as simple as section headings.

Hopefully this new beta should fix things:

Grid snapping is a little peculiar, so let me know if you find any more bugs.

And thanks for the bug reports.
-- Max
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