Am 28.04.22 um 09:25 schrieb Max Chernoff via ntg-context:
I _think_ that I've fixed it now. Can you try the beta version at
please? Hopefully this solves the issue.

Hi Max,
thank you for this module that I didn’t know.

I’m afraid the above release introduced a bug; while the offical release ran through, I now get:

module > lua-widow-control > Widow/orphan detected. Attempting to remove.
lua error       > lua error on line 112 in file de/c_intro.tex:

callback error: ...local/tex/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.lua:510: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (field 'height')
stack traceback:
...local/tex/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.lua:510: in function <...local/tex/luatex/lua-widow-control/lua-widow-control.lua:360>

My book is not in grid mode.

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