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BTW, is TeX Gyre Heros the font with missing chars in the printed
version of your PDF document?

It doesn't seem to be that:

$ pdffonts a6.pdf
name                                 type              encoding         emb sub 
uni object ID
------------------------------------ ----------------- ---------------- --- --- 
--- ---------
KBVQDT+LMRoman8-Regular              CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes 
yes      2  0
PISBZT+LMRoman6-Regular              CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes 
yes      3  0
VGDDRM+LMRoman12-Regular             CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes 
yes      9  0
BBBAHN+LMMono8-Regular               CID Type 0C       Identity-H       yes yes 
yes     10  0

There might be a workaround (or a way of testing this), compiling the
PDF document with LuaTeX instead of with LuaMetaTeX.

It seems it is compiled with LuaTeX:

$ pdfinfo a6.pdf
Title:          a6
Creator:        LuaMetaTeX 2.09 20220429 + ConTeXt LMTX 2022.05.11 11:36
Producer:       LuaMetaTeX-2.09
CreationDate:   Tue Sep 20 07:19:29 2022 CEST
ModDate:        Tue Sep 20 07:19:29 2022 CEST
Tagged:         no
UserProperties: no
Suspects:       no
Form:           none
JavaScript:     no
Pages:          1
Encrypted:      no
Page size:      595.276 x 841.89 pts (A4)
Page rot:       0
File size:      25630 bytes
Optimized:      no
PDF version:    1.7

If you compile it invoking "context source.tex", use "context --luatex

When I try that I get:

$ context --luatex a6lua.tex mtx-context | redirect luametatex -> luatex: luatex --luaonly "/mnt/tex/tex/texmf-linux-64/bin/mtxrun.lua" --script mtx-context --luatex a6lua.tex --redirected
mtxrun          | unknown script 'mtx-context.lua' or 'mtx-mtx-context.lua'

But the way to know for sure which tools generated your PDF document and
whether fonts are embedded, "pdfinfo your-file.pdf" and "pdffonts
your-file.pdf" are your friends.

I didn't know any of the poppler-utils, thank you!

Otherwise, the only option about your documents is guessing.

I guess.  :-)

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