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is there a way to have something like


but have the "inner paper size" be a computed fit like in

Or, alternatively, is there is a way to print crop marks around
an environment like \startTEXpage?
Can you be more concrete what your goal is, there are a few ways to solve
your problem but with a few more information we can give you a good
Say I want to print some stickers or paper strips of non-fixed size,
and get crop marks around them to know where to cut.

With \setuppapersize and \setuparranging I can do this nicely if I
know the size in advance, but in some cases I don't.

You can use \framed to create a box which takes the size of its content. The borders of the framed box can be used to cut the stickers and with the frameoffset key
(or offset if your prefer) you can increase the distance between the borders
and the content.



        \input ward



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