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Hi all,

For a few months now, all features of tikz have not been working with LMTX. 
After help from Hans and a bit of trial and error, I think that figured out 
what was going wrong with the catcodes in m-tikz: Since the texcatcodes are 
different from what tikz expects, the catcodes have to be set inside 
\starttikzpicture (in addition to before the loading of tikz files, which was 
already being done).

I am attaching the working m-tikz.mkxl file.

I have tested this on my course notes, which make extensive use of simple tikz 
block diagrams and pgfplots graphs. Perhaps others who were having issues with 
tikz could test if this fixes everything and, if so, we can add this to the 
So, what is needed from tikz?


Is there more that should be installed as reasonable basic set? I made a script that does fetch/installs it (and also wipes latex / plain /useless stuff afterwards including some shell etc scripts as we don't want those either - security risk etc -).

Not being a tikz user I have no preferences but we can add some test files to the test suite if needed.


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