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> > Oh, so a bug, I'll fix the message. Not really a unit but then, feet
> > is also not one.
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> That is incorrect.  Feet is an establish and proper unit of
> measurement, which consists of 12 inches.  It is used by, at least,
> several hundred million people.  It can be said that the ability to
> grok and manipulate fractions has many benefits, which the metric
> system sorely lacks.

The inch is properly defined as *exactly* 2.54cm.
So the foot is a proper unit defined as 12*2.54cm.

Manipulating fractions, I stated, is the entire point of Imperial

Now go figure: Physical Review Letters once objected to my publishing a
graph without units on the abscissa. I satisfied the editor by adding
$[m\times m^{-1}]$ (my graph was in radians).

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