On 5/6/2023 6:45 PM, Alan Braslau wrote:
The whole point of the so-called "imperial" units is to be based on
fractions, not decimal. May I suggest that we use \sqrt2 as the basis
of our fractions, so as to push the limits of calculation and precision
(that are handled well in the new lmtx engine).

Also, on this day of coronation, post-Brexit, I believe that the ConTeXt
community should get behind the promotion of obscure Imperial units,
relegating the metric system to scientists who have no choice but to
adhere to the Système International.

Alan (who could not participate in the discussions of the committee of

Well, the Polish oversight seemed to a agree and the team was awarded by arthur who donated cute "Let's make TeX little again" hats, but more about that later. The unit was applied by the main presenter when the big cake got cut into pieces measuring 4es ^ 2 which i admit is a bit less than 4in ^2.

But, if you're really into old units we can measure your feet and replace "max 19 feet" message by "max 20 braslaus".

Actually you can do a sqrt:

    \the\floatexpr\pfsqrt 2\relax

    \the\pfsqrt 2\relax

    \scratchdimen\floatexpr\pfsqrt 2\relax

    \scratchdimen\pfsqrt 2\relax

but you already knew that.


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