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Oh, so a bug, I'll fix the message. Not really a unit but then, feet
is also not one.

That is incorrect.  Feet is an establish and proper unit of measurement, which 
consists of 12 inches.  It is used by, at least, several hundred million 
people.  It can be said that the ability to grok and manipulate fractions has 
many benefits, which the metric system sorely lacks.
Sure, but it's not a unit in tex like 10ft so reporting 19 feet looks a bit odd for the (majority) texusers who dont'use feet. (we have mm and cm but not in and ft). I suppose yards could also have been used but probably points out more prominently the limitation.


An amsterdam voet being somewhat smaller actually would have made 20 which is a nicer number and also fits the base 20 inuit system discussed a few weeks ago.


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