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Subject [NTG-context] Re: Toggling the symbol for the zero-width joiner and 
related Unicode control characters

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On 9/21/2023 3:31 PM, Hamid,Idris wrote:
Dear gang,

Within a font, relevant Unicode control characters such as the zero-width 
joiner usually have symbolic representation, but in printing the symbols are 
usually suppressed, while the effect of each character is maintained.

In some text editors, such as Windows Notepad (Uniscribe), there is the option

"Show Unicode control characters"

which toggles the symbols and keeps the effects.

I seem to recall that ConTeXt has/had a similar mechanism for toggling the 
symbols for Unicode control characters but cannot find it.

Does anyone know or recall where the symbol-toggling mechanism is?
If not, what would be the simplest way to implement it?

Here is a MWE (note that the three control chars might be invisible in your 
email client):

\definedfont[almfixed at 14pt]
ZWJ: ‌



In Notepad, all three control characters can be turned on or off at once.
In Scintilla, only the NBSP appears and there is no option to toggle.
In ConTeXt, ZWJ and ZWJ appear as symbols, but NBSP does not.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Many thanks, Hans. The method appears to work only for nbsp, not zwj etc. Here 
is the updated MWE:

\definedfont[almfixed at 14pt]
ZWJ: ‌

See attached, please advise.
joiners are part of replacement etc and can come and go ... they are characters (we could visualize them but one never knows for sure if one sees them)

nbsp are spaces and become glue that we can trace reliable in the node list


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