Dear list,
I have a very simple question, perhaps too simple...
I've installed CTX on MSWindows x64, but I can't use the fonts I've installed, despite the command: set OSFONTDIR=c:\windows\fonts;c:\windows\users\adeimantos\context\texmf\fonts.

I cleared the Windows font cache, restarted the machine, then reloaded with the command :
mtxrun --script fonts --reload

A search for the fonts I had installed (theano didot and gfs didot) gave no results with :

mtxrun --script fonts --list --pattern=*gfs* --all.

I admit that I don't know in which directory it is best to install the fonts for optimum performance.

Any ideas?

Jean-Pierre Delange
"Few discoveries are more irritating than those which expose the pedigree of 
ideas". Lord Acton

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