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b. we want all Unicode control symbols to be suppressed in final pdf output 
(for, e.g., printing).

they basically are unless some font features keeps them around which is
out of our control

irr it was you who wanted them to be wiped decades ago as some fonts visualized them by default

But therein lies the problem: ConTeXt shows the rendering by default, and we 
need to turn it off. Since most non-Latin typography targets Uniscribe 
applications which allows for toggling, the font developers (commercial or 
free) don't have to concern themselves with this issue.


Not really -) This brings us to the point of consistency: For Arabic-script fonts, hard 
symbolic rendering of the Unicode control characters is the rule, not the exception. So 
not "an inconsistent mess" -- at least not as far as Arabic-script typography 
is concerned.

so you want to see soem zwj sumbol in a rendered text?

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