On 2/20/24 14:45, Ursula Hermann wrote:
> Dear Pablo, Dear List
> I have done all you told me yesterday.
> What I do not understand is that the Diagnosis in WinEdt 11 says,
> that everything is ok. Also the PDF-Viewer. Sorry, but I can't copy
> it, so I tell what I see. What I do not understand, because there is
> no PDF

Sorry, dear Uschi, but I’m afraid that I’m on Linux and WinEdt is
totally unknown to me.

That being said, if the messages from your computer are in German, there
is no problem with the language (after all, https://www.deepl.com/ is an
option too).

Reading your log (which I simply ignored and Gavin took care to read it
[totally my fault]), the first line you get is:

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.141592653-2.6-1.40.25 (TeX Live 2023)
(preloaded format=pdflatex 2024.2.6)  19 FEB 2024 12:41

The engine you are using is pdfTeX (from TeX Live 2023). In ConTeXt
terms, this is almost ancient (»uralt«).

ConTeXt MkII used pdfTeX as engine. In MkIV, the engine is LuaTeX. The
latest engine is LuaMetaTeX for what is named either LMTX or MkXL.

The format file is for pdfLaTeX, so ConTeXt cannot really do anything
with it. It is consistent that ConTeXt complains about not finding the
format file.

> But now I tried to do what you have told me and the last line, Pablo
> in cmd.exe says the same, what I get, if I compile: no format five
> given, quitting.

If you still happen to have the brand new installation on your desktop
(and "test-doc.tex" [sorry, but redo if required]), open the command
prompt and do the following:

  cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  set PATH=%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\context\tex\texmf-mswin\bin

For that window (or session), your system will be able to find only the
path to the latest ConTeXt.

This will prevent TeX Live 2023 messing with ConTeXt (well, if
system-wide paths are not set for TeX Live [you might check that with
"echo %PATH%" after setting the path as explained in the previous command]).

After that, you may run:

  mtxrun --generate && context test-doc.tex

If this works, the installation of TeX Live seems to set paths in a way
that prevent ConTeXt to work.

In that case, you would have to ask about that on the TeX Live list.

I hope it helps now,

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