Hi Uschi,

I think there are two separate issues. The first is possible trouble with the 
install from the ConTeXt garden. (Maybe this is related to “startup error : no 
format file given, quitting.”) The second is that you call PdfLaTeX to typeset 
your document, even though I know that is not what you intend.

Since you have TeX Live, I recommend you get the ConTeXt in TeX Live working 
first, then decide if you need the latest ConTeXt from the garden.

> On Feb 20, 2024, at 7:21 AM, Pablo Rodriguez via ntg-context 
> <ntg-context@ntg.nl> wrote:
> The engine you are using is pdfTeX (from TeX Live 2023). In ConTeXt
> terms, this is almost ancient (»uralt«).

Just to clarify, TeX Live 2023 has a perfectly good, rather up-to-date version 
of ConTeXt. I’m using it to typeset books and papers with all sorts of MetaFun 
craziness. However, if I attempt to typeset one of these ConTeXt documents 
using PdfLaTeX, I get exactly the same error and log file that you get.

I don’t know how you are calling PdfLaTeX to typeset your document, 
context-test.tex, but that is what you are doing. Until you get that 
straightened out, it won’t matter what version of ConTeXt you have installed.


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