Joel C. Salomon wrote:

> I'm working on ConTeXt+SciTE-on-a-USB-Stick.  A downloadable program
> is still far off, as is a version that can be put on,
> but I've gotten to the point of mapping out the basic parameters:
> • We need to have a start-up program, which will set up the
> environment and start SciTE and/or a command prompt.
> • Legacy-free is nice, but if ConTeXt+XeTeX (which I'll call "mkiii"
> whether that's an official name or no) requires texexec then we need

just mkii, at least for a long time -)

> to include Ruby anyway, so we may as well keep PDFTeX (mkii), BUT:
> • Since my Windows machine already has Perl, Python, & Ruby, I'm going
> to defer working on that last point.

we dont't need full perl and ruby; perl only when you want to use 
mptopdf, which is not needed because texexec can do the same; so, a 
small ruby is enough

> • In fact, I'm going to defer including SciTE also, until I have a
> working stand-alone ConTeXt…

there is a startup script in the cdwincontext zip


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