I'm working on ConTeXt+SciTE-on-a-USB-Stick.  A downloadable program
is still far off, as is a version that can be put on PortableApps.com,
but I've gotten to the point of mapping out the basic parameters:

• We need to have a start-up program, which will set up the
environment and start SciTE and/or a command prompt.
• Legacy-free is nice, but if ConTeXt+XeTeX (which I'll call "mkiii"
whether that's an official name or no) requires texexec then we need
to include Ruby anyway, so we may as well keep PDFTeX (mkii), BUT:
• Since my Windows machine already has Perl, Python, & Ruby, I'm going
to defer working on that last point.
• In fact, I'm going to defer including SciTE also, until I have a
working stand-alone ConTeXt…

I've put my rsync invocations on the wiki.  (Since the calls are so
closely tied to the directory structure of the Minimals, I added them
to <http://wiki.contextgarden.net/ConTeXt_Minimals/Structure> as an
example of how to use & customize them, but I'll move it if folks
think it belongs elsewhere.)

Also, the commands I'm using to generate my formats are on that page.
Could someone please check them for sanity?

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