Am 2008-04-29 um 09:05 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
>> "that in titles the space after a dot ... gets eaten". (Ok, it's a
>> full stop, maybe not a dot?)
>> I consider this a very strange bug, can't avoid punctuation in  
>> titles.
> Enclosing the period in braces {.} did work and is a temprorary  
> solution
> but the problem need to be solved.

Another temporary solution (that I used) was "\ " or "\," after each  

>>> \setuphead[chapter][incrementnumber=no]
>> I had that already. And I don't see how that would influence
>> typesetting of punctuation or spaces?
> I inserted it to get a space for \\ in the table of content, I  
> wasn't related
> to the space after punctuation but to the header content. Just  
> related to
> the minimum example.

Ah, ok, sorry. I didn't really test my minimal.

Even if the book is at the printshop now, I'd like to solve the  
problem for the next time - I need that "author/title/subtitle" and  
"author in ToC" stuff all the time.

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