Am 2008-04-28 um 11:45 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
>> I don't know who eats you spaces, but I assume you could do
> The period after "B" in the author filed eats the space, I tried  
> the example
> with "B Rüssel" and the space is in the output.

Of course, every normal inter-word space is kept; that's why I wrote  
"that in titles the space after a dot ... gets eaten". (Ok, it's a  
full stop, maybe not a dot?)
I consider this a very strange bug, can't avoid punctuation in titles.

>>   \def\\{\nomarking{\unskip\nolist\crlf}}
>> together with
>> \startsectionworld[chapter][author=B. Rüssel, title=Consequences of
>>   the Brussels Declaration \\for German cultural politics]

Thank you, Taco!
\unskip really seems to be what I was looking for.

\nocr was a meaningless duplication of \\, and I should have thought  
of a space before that.

> \setuphead[chapter][incrementnumber=no]

I had that already. And I don't see how that would influence  
typesetting of punctuation or spaces?

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