2008/9/29 Peter Münster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On Thu, Sep 25 2008, Olivier Guéry wrote:
> > * There should't  be space between two sign. Test 2
> Hello Olivier,
> IMHO, "frenchpunctuation" should just care about the additional spaces
> before some punctuation signs, that are the French typographic mainstream.
> Neither more, nor less. Two or three signs like "!!!" are anyway rare
> exceptions and perhaps grammatically even not allowed. For such exceptions
> one can use for example "\string!", if no space is wanted.

They are not allowed for « strict » french. But if you type a
conversation, you can have them.
Think about the usage Celine made of the punctuation.
So the rules is not : there's a space before « ! ». But there's a
space befor « ! » if the signe before is not punctuation.
But i understand your point of view. In fact  such a rule is so unknow
and rare that I thinked it's better to « hard-coded » it.

> I would like to see the rules as simple as this:
> - before ":", ";", "?", "!" and "»" add some tiny nobreakspace (for example
>  half an inter-word space and stretchable)

The rule is a bit more complicated for the « : ». My hope was the fact
that if TeX is able to have strict rules, let use them !

> - if the author has already added a space (or nbsp) character before such
>  sign, gobble it and use the tiny nbsp
> - same thing after "«"

Yes you're probably right. But it's hard to determine what is juste
taste or what is rules.

> > * The space before the footnote sign is too big (it's clearer with
> > othe fonts). Test 4
> For me, no special treatment should be triggered with "frenchpunctuation"
> or \language[fr]. Footnote signs are just a matter of taste and style.

I don't know rules in other languages but in french the footnote sign
is before ponctuation, so having big space before/after is not clean.
If i find the setting for doing this, i'll use it :D. And probably
other french people too.
But a page on the wiki is maybe enough.

> > \mainlanguage [fr] \language[fr]
> > \setcharacterspacing [frenchpunctuation]
> Perhaps, it would make sense, to make one test file for \mainlanguage[fr]
> and another another one for \setcharacterspacing[frenchpunctuation] ?

Ok, result is join. Not shure it's the good syntax (and test n°4
failed to compile, but it can be my instalation).

> > 1 The « ; » signs shouldn't be at the beginning of a line, there must be
> > space before all sign (look at the rules here :
> > http://wiki.contextgarden.net/frenchpunctuation) :\crlf
> To test, that the space is not breakable, one can use:
> \start
> \hsize1pt
> bla: bla : bla : bla~:
> bla? bla ? bla ? bla~?
> bla! bla ! bla ! bla~!
> bla; bla ; bla ; bla~;
> «bla» « bla » « bla » «~bla~»\par
> \stop
 Thanks a lot.


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