On Tue, Sep 30 2008, Olivier Guéry wrote:

> Think about the usage Celine made of the punctuation.

Hello Olivier,

Who is Celine?

> So the rules is not : there's a space before « ! ». But there's a
> space befor « ! » if the signe before is not punctuation.
> But i understand your point of view. In fact  such a rule is so unknow
> and rare that I thinked it's better to « hard-coded » it.

If you begin to treat such exceptions, you'll never finish. Today you're
thinking of "!!!", tomorrow there will be "19:20" or "Hi!jab".
There are 2 main ideas:
- Don't put too many exceptions into ConTeXt, especially if there is no hope
  to treat them all automatically. When a text needs special constructions,
  put them in a macro, for example \ThreeExclamationMarks.
- For most "rules", the opinions diverge. Some people want a bit more
  kerning here or there, other people want less.

> The rule is a bit more complicated for the « : ». My hope was the fact
> that if TeX is able to have strict rules, let use them !

Think of the French LaTeX community: some want an inter-word space before a
punctuation sign, others want only a half space or even less. So don't be
too strict!

> Yes you're probably right. But it's hard to determine what is juste
> taste or what is rules.

Not so hard. Almost everybody will agree with this minimal rule for French
- there has to be some nobreakspace before the punctuation signs :?!; and »
  and after «
- there is some default value for the amount of this space, that can be
  easily changed by user-setup

Cheers, Peter


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