On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Shiv Shankar Dayal wrote:

> Hi,
> I am running MarkIV and "luatools t-vim.tex" shows me the path of t-vim.tex.
> The version does say version=2008.07.15.

OK. So, t-vim is up-to-date.

> I tried to execute the same command which t-vim.tex executes for vim but
> it says that command line is not correct. I switched on the logging and then
> I read the log and it says tabstop=8 is a new file. I doubt that something may
> be wrong with the command line for vim.

This means that mtxrun is old. Does mtxrun accept the noquotes option? Try

mtxrun | grep noquotes

Here it gives

MtxRun | --script              run an mtx script (--noquotes)
MtxRun | --execute             run a script or program (--noquotes)

and this is needed for t-vim to run correctly. If you do not get any 
result with noquotes, you need a new mtxrun (and maybe a new luatex to use 
the new mtxrun). The cleanest way will be to update your entire context 
tree, but I do not know what is the best way to do so in TeXLive. You can 
try http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Running_Mark_IV#Updating_ConTeXt

or do a manual update by unzipping cont-tmf.zip (from pragma) to your 
texmf-local, and then run

luatools --generate
mtxrun --selfupdate
context --make

and try again.

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