On 11/21/2008 4:53 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
> Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>  > hack hack hack hack ....
> I tried solutions with special patterns sveral times but the problem is 
> in mixed languages, i.e. english text mixed with url-language; there are 
> some limitations (in pdftex for instance the same codes are used fo rthe 
> whole par (i.e. mixed languages are possible but with the same lccodes 
> etc). Also, one needs to get rid of the -
> Anyhow, there is another trick, one that Aditya might love ...
> \bgroup
> \gdef\lettercolon{:}
> \catcode`\:=\active
> \catcode`\^=\active
> \catcode`\/=\active
> \catcode`\~=\active
> \gdef\ForMojcaWhoLikesHacks#1%
>    {\dontleavehmode
>     \begingroup
>     \mathcode`\:="8000
>     \mathcode`\^="8000
>     \mathcode`\/="8000
>     \mathcode`\~="8000
>     \def:{\nobreak   \hbox{\lettercolon}\allowbreak}%
>     \def^{\allowbreak\hbox{\letterhat  }\nobreak}%
>     \def/{\nobreak   \hbox{\letterslash}\allowbreak}%
>     \def~{\allowbreak\hbox{\lettertilde}\nobreak}%
>     \everymath\emptytoks
>     \mathsurround\zeropoint$\tttf#1$%
>     \endgroup}
> \egroup
> \hsize 1mm \ForMojcaWhoLikesHacks{http://www.sil.org/silesr/}

Thanks, this is great.

Looks like, as in improvement over \hyphenatedurl, it allows you to
specify that you can break before a character, after, or both.

I think I can even see how to use it in a document...
though, would I have to undo the initial \catcode commands after the

Also, I don't see a way to prevent breaking between two slashes...
unless you treat them as part of a separate hbox:
which is not a big problem.

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