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Am Montag, 23. Februar 2009 21:56 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
Am 23.02.2009 um 21:52 schrieb Bernd Kosubek:
If I run "texexec" over this, the last three line are
longer than the first line AND they have the same

What have I not understand -- or is it a known problem
or a bug?

You get what you write.

2. Sentence: \space{} = 2 spaces because of the {}

3. Sentence: Wide than the first sentence because of the
disabled frenchspacing

4. Sentence: You write \nospace but insert a space with

Thank You for the quick answer.

I don't  understand where the second space should be come
I use the empty group "{}" always to separate optionless

I think it is the same whether I write:

xxxx. yyyy. or
xxxy.{} yyyy. or
yyyy. or

If I use

xxxx.\space yyyy or xxxx.\space{} yyyy

the first \space produce NO space (that is not what I wish)

Nonsense, the first \space produce a space and the whitespace
in the input between \space and yyyy is gobbled from the macro.

The empty group after the second space prevents TeX from gobbling
the space and you get now one space from the \space command and
another one from the whitespace in the output.

I suppose, that the empty group has no effect.
The following space will be printed and THIS space should be
smaller in an broad-environment if I use \nospace or larger
in an packed-environment if I use \space.

You need a empty group to get a space after commands like \TeX
because the command gobbles otherwise all following whitespace.

Try the following example:

text\relax text\space text\space{}\space{}\space{}\space text


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