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On Mon, 30 Mar 2009, Hans Hagen wrote:

this is also the last non-xp version as i'm going to merge the
cont-xp code into th emain version now
Currently, the bib module does not work with cont-xp. Taco has said
that it is easier to redo the bib module in lua than to get it to work
with xp.
Will this new module also provide BibX support?

Perhaps ;)

On the input side, the new module will load bibliographies from disk
into an internal XML structure and then use lpath queries to fetch
bibliographic data. It will use separate loaders to do so, so in
the end, anything can be plugged in as long as it can be converted
to the internal structure.

I have not decided yet how to handle the output (layout) side.

easiest is to use setups

\startxmlsetups bibtex:somename
  ... fetch this ...
  ... fetch that ...

and then have something


with someplace


etc etc

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