Not only list handling, but also footnotes and headers are broken (at least), while the index seems fixed in the latest beta of MkIV:


[n=2, balance=no, align=yes, alternative=A, indicator=yes, pagestyle=normal, location=right, style=type]


\input tufte\footnote{Tufte 1!}

\input tufte

\input tufte\footnote{Tufte 2!}

\input tufte\footnote{Tufte 3!}

\input tufte\footnote{Tufte 4!}




- table of contents is empty, as reported
- I get no chapter name in the header
- footnotes are numbered like "3.2"
- the footnote marker is missing in the text

I need to get a book of proceedings to the printshop within this week, and I very much hope that these issues are easy to fix...

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