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Am 04.05.2009 um 18:20 schrieb Otared Kavian:


As a matter of fact, the above example of \placelist gives a LuaTeX error (ConTeXt ver: 2009.04.21 16:11 MKIV fmt: 2009.4.25 int: english/ english):

Make a update.

ConTeXt ver: 2009.05.04 11:10 MKIV fmt: 2009.5.4 int: english/ english
This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.40.0-2009050311 luatex.web >= v2356


Hi Wolfgang,

Indeed I need an update, but here is the dilemma… If I do an update, then I can't use my good old mkii with the latest Minimals: I get

%%%% begin console ouput
 \write18 enabled.
I can't find the format file `cont-en.fmt'!
TeXExec | runtime: 0.074115
%%%% end console ouput

However with mkiv and the latest Minimals I get the same result as you.

Best regards: OK
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