Am 2009-05-04 um 22:34 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:

- table of contents is empty, as reported

And a simple \completecontent at end of the document has worked
for you in the past? I needed here \completecontent[criterium=all].

Ah, sorry, I had "criterium=all" always in my setup.
Just an inconvenient default, then.

Is there also a simple workaround/setup for the footnotes and headers issues?

I need to get a book of proceedings to the printshop within this week, and I very much hope that these issues are easy to fix...

Because of such a situation it is a good idea to make a copy
of the last stable which you should use for critical projects.

I know, I shouldn't have switched to MkIV. I can't remember any MkIV release that did everything what I needed...

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