some weeks ago I asked how to have a caption under a figure. I got a
detailed answer:

   [here]           % location
   [fig.MyCaption]  % reference
   {My Caption}     % caption

Now I am preparing a presentation and I would like to have a figure
with a caption below it but, of course, I would like not to have the
"Fig. 1" on it.

I have figured out how to remove the Fig. part of it:


in the preamble. But I am still getting the number in bold: "1.1" in
the caption. How could I remove it?

thanks a lot


2009/6/13 Pau <vim.u...@googlemail.com>:
> Thanks again!
> pstopdf is accomplishing what neither convert, nor ps2pdf, nor etc etc
> was able to do
> Thank you very much for the hint
> Pau
> 2009/6/13 Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl>:
>> Pau wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> thanks a _lot_
>>> Now I have converted all eps figures into pdf, but I am running yet
>>> into another snag... the conversion seems to ruin the bounding box of
>>> the eps figures, so that the pdf figures are taking a full a4 site;
>>> when I then use them in the main tex file, they are filling a whole
>>> page.
>>> Is there a way to define a bounding box in \externalfigure ? I have
>>> checked in the wikipage and googled a bit, but since English is not my
>>> mother tongue, I may very well have used a bad keyword.
>>> If not, can anybody point me to a way of modifying a pdf file to get
>>> rid of all exterior white space around a figure? I can imagine you can
>>> do this with adobe software, but I don't have that. Only unix.
>> there is a pdtopdf script in the distribution (ruby script that needs gs)
>> that can do it that way (by default it uses the boundingbox)
>> Hans
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