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uh why is it so difficult ?
I  mean, I understand that can be hard.. but so hard ?

I've been drawing every instance of every character I can find at every size --- then for the instances I have all of the sizes I have to regularize them so that they have the same number of nodes and for the instances where I'm missing sizes I have to fill in what's missing, adjusting the outlines to make them all proportional.

Arguably this is the wrong path --- I should just be worrying about the extreme sizes and interpolating the balance --- the problem is I don't have access to a compleat character set at even a single size, let alone the twain of the extremes.

I've been considering re-starting the whole thing using Metatype1 and using what I've drawn as check points, but haven't found the time yet.

And I still need to do the italic, the bold and the bold-italic....


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