Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>> Cool idea!  I don’t believe there are many METATYPE1 fonts drawn with
>> any degree of parameterization (meta-ness)—are there any besides the
>> GUST Antykwa fonts (Toruńska & Półtawskiego)?
>   Of course: the Latin Modern fonts are, inheriting from Computer
> Modern, as is the whole Gyre family.  For the latter you might say there
> is no real parametrization, but the Metatype1 sources are not available.

That’s not what I understood from the papers I’ve read.  The original CM
fonts are parametrized, but the LM set is METATYPE1 taken from traced
bitmaps of CM.  I.e., you cannot easily generate the 15.7pt set.

—Joel Salomon
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